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1. Every person registering in the tree will need to be linked with his/her father's record. If father's record is not there, it will be required to create a record for father. Same rule will need to be kept in mind before creating father's record. Accordingly one would need to create all the higher level records till an existing link is found.
2. Click here to view the list of registered members and locate the level where you would need to start entering the details.
3. On the basis of information available - this Modi Tree starts from Late Shree Begrajji. If you want to add higher levels and have all the necessary information - kindly contact
4. Site will NOT be using any of the information for commercial purpose and will NOT sell the information to any other agency. All the necessary steps will be taken to keep the data secure.
5. Site will NOT be responsible for any kind of losses/liabilities arising due to display/non-display of details on the site or due to loss/theft of details or due to incorrect details or due to any other error/mistake of any kind.
6. Please read “Terms and Conditions” before carrying out the registration.
7. Site details will be accessible ONLY to registered members. Currently the registration is offered free of cost. The terms and conditions can be changed as per the discretion of the site administrators.
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