The word MODI or MODY is a title for the persons or families who deal in or used to deal in groceries. In early days (even true now to a great extent) a shopkeeper selling groceries and items of daily chores was usually called as MODI and his shop as MODI shop. It is said that businessmen arranging for groceries and rations for the Kingdoms, Nababs, and Raj as in India between 16 th century and 19 th century were awarded title of MODI. As a result, MODI title is commonly founded in most states of India and also in various religions. Even in Rajasthan the Modi title covers different Gotras of marwari community.
MODI is a common title in business community of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Gujarat state.
The title is also found in Parsis (Rusi Modi) and Muslims (Sayyed Modi). In south the prominent person with title was Subramanium Modi. In Bengal the title is commonly known as Moody or Modya who also belong to trading community.
History & Records
Late Shri Gajanand Modi first made a documented record of family in year 19-- in form of a Family tree drawing, which we think covers ancestral background of 200 years or more. The other records may be found with Pandas at Haridwar and other religious pilgrim places as well as with family purohits. There are also traditions of keeping Janampatrika (Horoscope) in all families. Being a trading community, education was not an important factor till 50 years ago and as such records were never important to be preserved. However, today the Modi Family has educated persons in all spheres. It has substantial presence in Kolkatta, Mumbai, Ranchi besides well spread in Ahamedabad, Surat , Bilaspur, and Delhi . This MODI family is now well spread all over India and has a strong presence in foreign countries also.
The origin of this family is from Agarwal community (which is known as descendants of Raja Agrasen from Agroha, which is situated in Haryana state now). The Agarwals have 18 Gotra and one of them is Goyal. Some of the members must have come and settled in Jhunjhunu District, which is not far away from Agroha. Some of them had their houses on High Sand dunes (called as tibba in local language) and as such have changed titles to Tibrewals. It is said that the Modis were also known as Chokhani before they were awarded title of Modi by Thakurs of Mandawa. As such Chokhani and Tibrewal families are also known as brothers. These family members have their family Goddess of Kulod or Kulodaya (this goddess is believed as reincarnation of Durga) that is situated about 30 kilometers from Jhunjhunu. After all marriages and births a puja (worship) is a must for all the family members before this deity. Some members with titles of Khetans also worship this deity and are brothers of same family.
To bring in all the members of family in contact the site plans to open a register at the temple to create full database of Modi, Chokhani, Tibrewals, and Khetans. At some stage it shall try to link all the families together.
Lifestyle, Traits and Habits
The Modis are conservative trading community, god fearing, miser, self-respecting, and strict vegetarians. The brother hood is strong in the community. Even after separation of business they continue to attend functions and support families of brothers and relatives. They spend lavishly on marriages and like to lead a comfortable life. They like to build big houses or flat as permitted by finances. They also believe in limited charities and are secular in nature just as the most of shekhawati peoples.
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